1. Wonderful ministry. It is such a blessing to worship through music, Bible teaching and prayer. The prayer times after each meeting have been my greatest blessing.

    1. Thank you Denise for your kind words and for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in your decision to open your church to us. You are an absolute blessing!

  2. Congratulations Dee, I am so happy for you getting this ministry going. I know you must be s excited! When my husband and I began our ministry, 33 years ago, I would have to go to the bathroom and throw up! People would be waiting and he would be trying to drag me out! LOL You are anointed by God to do this now! This is your time and the ways He will use you will amaze you. Enjoy the adventure. You are in my prayers. I hope to come when my body allows me, but it’s not cooperating most days. God bless you in your work for Him. DeDe England

    1. Thank you so much DeDe for your words of encouragement! And of course I covet your prayers ❤️ Thanking the Lord for your health so you can attend soon.

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